WhenWhat & WhereTicketsDescription
@ 7:30PM
& 9:00PM
(two shows)
EVENT: "Synesthesia
Suite - Constellations"
Concert with MBPQ

Charles Hayden
Planetarium @ the
Musuem of Science
1 Science Park
Boston, MA
(all ages)



Mary is honored to return to the Charles Hayden Planetarium for the “Synethesia Suite” concert
series in collaboration with the Museum of Science Boston, The Massachusetts Institute of Tech-
nology, and Arizona State University. This one-night only immersive musical experience will
feature live performances of Mary’s compositions paired with stunning visuals directly inspired
by her polymodal synesthesia, allowing audience members to “hear” color and “see” sound just
as Mary does when she listens to music. Most exciting of all, the visuals for this latest concert
in the series will be presented in two exciting and innovative forms: a collection of dazzling 360-
degree videos created by the Museum’s award-winning artistic team for the Planetarium’s dome,
as well as an entirely new synesthesia-displaying LED-based technology (including interactive LED
synesthesia costumes!) created by the renowned scientists of MIT Media Lab and ASU’s SciHub
especially for this concert. Entitled the HyLighter, this new technology will be created under the
direction of theoretical physicists Frank Wilczek (Nobel laureate and Herman Feshbach Professor of
Physics) and Nathan Newman (Lamonte H. Lawrence Professor in Solid State Science).

This project is funded in part by the Council for the Arts at MIT.

@ 7:00PM
EVENT: Pindrop
Season 2
Finale: The Senses
of Summer

14 Tyler St.
Somerville, MA 02143

Mary is delighted to premiere a new collection of synesthesia-influenced woodwind-quintet-
and-vocal-works presented as part of “Senses of Summer”, the exciting season two finale of the
innovative Pindrop Sessions classical music series. Presented by Aeronaut Brewery, WGBH Boston,
and WCRB Classical Radio Boston; the Pindrop Sessions are “a classical-ish performance series
taking place the first Sunday night of every month at the AERONAUT taproom in Somerville, shining
light on the ridiculous pleasure of collective listening.” The concert will feature a gorgeous chamber
ensemble rendition of Samuel Barber’s Knoxville, Summer of 1915, as well as Mary’s new woodwind-and-
vocal works; performed by the incredible Phoenix Ensemble and the exquisite soprano Margot Rood.