05/01/2017"Land of the Living: Spring at Mount Auburn Cemetery"Harvard Magazine"The current artist-in-residence is singer, musician, and composer Mary Bichner. She’s composed twelve “classipop” pieces—about scampering chipmunks, bees and butterflies, the orbiting sun, seasonal changes—and performs them in live concerts at Mount Auburn on June 3 and November 4 [2017]."
06/05/2015 "Song Review: 'Lost' from 'Now The Spell Is Broken' [Digital EP]"CD on Songs"Bichner expertly wields a triad of musical superpowers in 'Lost'."
02/11/2015 "Review: Pinocchio @ Wheelock Theatre"New England Theatre Geek"The composed incidental music by Mary a delight to the senses."
02/10/2015"Review: Pinnochio @ Wheelock TheatreThe Boston Globe"[C]omposer and musical director Mary Bichner's delicate musical interludes...create an entrancing backdrop."
10/27/2014"Review: Now The Spell Is Broken [EP]"The Mary Sue"It's heartbreaking, and beautiful, and great to sing in the shower when you're home alone (what?)."
07/17/2014"Interview: Music of the (Aching) Heart"Central Square TheaterInterview with Rebecca Joy and Veronica Barron on serving as the music director/arranger
for The Nora Theatre Company's "Her Aching Heart".
07/17/2014"Review: Her Aching Heart @ Central Square Theater"The Arts Fuse"...the score by Veronica Barron [is] flawlessly played by a four-person orchestra under the direction of Mary Bichner. Their instrumentals and occasional choral music supply witty, jazzy, lyrical punctuation to the line with Bichner's unerring musicality."
03/01/2014"Interview: Somerville Artist of the Month [March 2014]"Somerville Arts CouncilInterview with the Somerville Arts Council for the March 2014 Somerville Artist of the Month award.
8/15/2013"Review: Throw Stones [Digital Single]"The Absolute"Formerly of the ambitious chamber-pop band Box Five, Mary Bichner is continuing to
prove herself as an unstoppable musical force as a solo artist."
8/11/2013"Review: Throw Stones [Digital Single]" Hunger TV"...once you've heard her latest single 'Throw Stones' you too will be captivated by her
haunting melodies and mesmerising vocals that combine to form one wonderfully dreamy classipop hit."