06/05/2015 "Song Review: 'Lost' from 'Now The Spell Is Broken' [Digital EP]"CD on Songs"Bichner expertly wields a triad of musical superpowers in 'Lost'."
02/11/2015 "Review: Pinocchio @ Wheelock Theatre"New England Theatre Geek"The composed incidental music by Mary a delight to the senses."
02/10/2015"Review: Pinnochio @ Wheelock TheatreThe Boston Globe"[C]omposer and musical director Mary Bichner's delicate musical interludes...create an entrancing backdrop."
10/27/2014"Review: Now The Spell Is Broken [EP]"The Mary Sue"It's heartbreaking, and beautiful, and great to sing in the shower when you're home alone (what?)."
07/17/2014"Interview: Music of the (Aching) Heart"Central Square TheaterInterview with Rebecca Joy and Veronica Barron on serving as the music director/arranger
for The Nora Theatre Company's "Her Aching Heart".
07/17/2014"Review: Her Aching Heart @ Central Square Theater"The Arts Fuse"...the score by Veronica Barron [is] flawlessly played by a four-person orchestra under the direction of Mary Bichner. Their instrumentals and occasional choral music supply witty, jazzy, lyrical punctuation to the line with Bichner's unerring musicality."
03/01/2014"Interview: Somerville Artist of the Month [March 2014]"Somerville Arts CouncilInterview with the Somerville Arts Council for the March 2014 Somerville Artist of the Month award.
8/15/2013"Review: Throw Stones [Digital Single]"The Absolute"Formerly of the ambitious chamber-pop band Box Five, Mary Bichner is continuing to
prove herself as an unstoppable musical force as a solo artist."
8/11/2013"Review: Throw Stones [Digital Single]" Hunger TV"...once you've heard her latest single 'Throw Stones' you too will be captivated by her
haunting melodies and mesmerising vocals that combine to form one wonderfully dreamy classipop hit."