TODAY: Album Release and Concert for “Mount Auburn: Spring and Autumn Suites”

“Mount Auburn: Spring and Autumn Suites” is released TODAY! Hooray! <3 You listen to the album in full, and download a free digital copy, right here!:


And, there are a just few tickets left (less than ten!) for today’s album release concert, here is the link!:

Thank you Mount Auburn Cemetery for creating and supporting this incredible project, and thank you to all of the wonderful musicians of both the recording sessions and today’s concert, as well as our awesome audio team!:

ALBUM MUSICIANS: Kristo Kondakçi (Conductor), Katharina Giegling (Concertmaster), Sonia Deng (Violin), Abby Swidler (Violin), Christopher McClain (Viola I Principal & Viola soloist), Minjung Chun (Viola I), Carrol Lee (Viola II Principal), Foxman McCarthy-James (Viola II), Aron Zelkowicz (Cello principal), Nash Tomey (Double Bass Principal), Arielle Burke (Flute), Elizabeth England (Oboe), David Angelo (Clarinet), Susie Telsey (Bassoon), Evan Leontis (Soprano), Mali Sastri (Tenor), Seth Grondin (Bass [vocals]) and Paul Jacobs (Piano Soloist).

CONCERT MUSICIANS: Kristo Kondakçi (Conductor), Sonia Deng (Concertmaster), Tudor Dornescu (Violin), Travis Rapoza (Violin), Christopher McClain (Viola I Principal & Viola Soloist), Dominick Boyle (Viola I), Anna Stromer (Viola II Principal), Teresa Bloemer (Viola II), Cherry Kim (Cello Principal), Moisés Carrasco (Double Bass Principal), Allison Parramore (Flute), Laura Pardee Schaefer (Oboe), David Dziardziel, (Clarinet), Susannah Telsey (Bassoon), Keith Kirchoff (Piano Soloist), Mali Sastri (Vocalist & Guest Composer), Molly Zenobia (Vocalist)

AUDIO AND TECH: Antonio Oliart Ros (Recording), Peter Moore (Editing, Mixing and Mastering), Lainey Schooltree (Live Concert Sound Engineer), Xiao’an Li (Consultant)

Thanks to one and all — and Happy Spring! <3 <3 <3

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