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Composer Residency at Mount Auburn Cemetery — Thank You! <3

(Photo by: Mount Auburn Cemetery via Instagram)

[ Here is a message from Mary! <3 ]

“Dear friends,

Thank you so very much to everyone who attended and performed in yesterday’s sold-out “Mount Auburn: Autumn Suite” concert, the final concert of my two-year composer residency at Mount Auburn Cemetery! It was such a special day and I am so thankful to have shared it with all of you!

My residency at Mount Auburn Cemetery is now over, and I am so humbled and incredibly grateful for the all of the magic of the past two years. Most especially, I am eternally thankful to the incredible group of AMAZING people that came together to make this gigantic project possible — it has been an honor and a pleasure to collaborate with you, and I am so grateful to each and everyone one of your for sharing your time and talents to bring this project to life!:

Thank you SO MUCH to the wonderful Bree Harvey, Jessica Bussman, Jenny Gilbert, Corinne Elicone, Jennifer Johnston, Meg Winslow, CEO Dave Barnett, and everyone at Mount Auburn Cemetery for inviting me to take part in this incredible residency, and making the past two years such a magical experience of art, nature, and community! I’ve loved every moment of our collaboration, from our morning meetings in Bigelow Chapel, to rocking out to David Bowie songs at the Watertown Library — it has been an honor and a privilege to work with you all!

Thank you to my amazing mentor Xiao’an Li for all of your excellent advice, guidance, and expertise — you helped me every step of the way, from teaching me how to organize orchestral rehearsals, to connecting me with a team of amazing musicians, to even taping scores on the floor of WGBH when you realized they were falling off the piano! (I definitely owe you one!!) I am so grateful to you for sharing your knowledge — and friendship! — with me!

Huge thanks to our fantastic conductor Kristo Kondakçi for your wonderful leadership, your musical and conducting magic, and your kindness to each person each and every day. When you conduct, everyone in the room is smiling — the audience AND the orchestra! (And me too! :))

Many many thanks and hugs to the incredible musicians that collaborated with me on this project for the pop-up concerts, wine tasting concert, recording sessions, donor concerts, library concert, and spring/autumn residency concerts — it has been so wonderful to work with you and I am so thankful to you for bringing this new music to life!: Julia Okrusko, Christopher McClain, Anna Stromer, Nick Dinnerstein, Valerie Thompson, Mali Sastri, Katharina Giegling, Sonia Deng, Abby Swidler, Minjung Chun, Carrol Lee, Foxman McCarthy-James, Aron Zelkowicz, Nash Tomey, Arielle Burke, Elizabeth England, David Angelo, Susannah Telsey, Evan Leontis, Seth Grondin, Paul Jacobs, Sue Buzzard, Tudor Dornescu, Travis Rapoza, Dominick Douglas, Teresa Bloemer, Cherry Kim, Moisés Carrasco, Allison Parramore, Laura Pardee Schaefer, David Dziardziel, Keith Kirchoff, Molly Zenobia, Elizabeth Stefan, Subaiou Zhang, Sean Larkin, Oliver Chang, Harrison Klein, Elif Çakmut, Timothy Wisdom, Peter Moore, and Chess Albaneze!

Heartfult thanks to the amazing artists that created such beautiful audio and video for this two-year project — you all rock!: Antonio Oliart Ros (recording and audio engineering @ WGBH), Peter Moore (mixing/mastering @ Palace of Purpose), Rebecca Lee (documentary filmmaker), Lainey Schooltree (live concert audio engineer), and Jeremy Meserve (live concert filmmaker)!

Thank you so much to the fabulous Brianna Lueders for being so kind to be my musical assistant on the spring and fall residency concerts — you made everything run like a dream and you are awesome!

Thank you to all of the venues and organizations that collaborated with us for recording, concerts, lectures, and workshops!: Mount Auburn Cemetery (of course! :)), WGBH Studios, The Watertown Library, and Medford Calling!

And a VERY special thanks to everyone that has attended our events over these past two years — it was a delight to get to perform for you, and I am so appreciative of your kindness and support for new music!

So much love and my deepest thanks to one and all for this amazing two-year residency at Mount Auburn Cemetery!

With love,