Daily Archives: February 28, 2018

Vento Chario Commission Complete

(Photo by: Joe Wallace Photography)

Exciting news — Mary’s commission from celebrated woodwind quintet Vento Chiaro is now complete! The two new works, “Boston Common” [C] and “King’s Chapel” [Ab], will be premiered by Vento Chiaro later in the year as part of their new mutli-year initiative, “The Boston Project”:

To celebrate their 20th anniversary season, Vento Chario has begun a new series entitled “The Boston Project”, a “multi-year exploration of what it means to be of a place, and woven into the musical fabric of that place”. As part of The Boston Project, VC commissioned Mary to write two new pieces inspired by Boston Common and King’s Chapel, using her sound-to-color synesthesia to select the keys and chords that best “match” the palette of each location. The works will be premiered later in 2018 by Vento Chiaro during an upcoming 20th anniversary season concert — more info on the premiere will be made available shortly!

To learn more about this amazing ensemble, please check out Vento Chiaro’s official website right here!:


Thank you so much to Vento Chiaro for this wonderful collaboration, and looking forward to sharing this new music about Boston’s beautiful landscape! <3