“Synesthesia Suite” MIT Team Awarded Grant by The Council for the Arts at MIT

We are so honored and grateful that the MIT team of our “Synesthesia Suite” concert series was awarded a grant by the fantastic Council for the Arts at MIT!

The Council for the Arts at MIT (CAMIT) was founded in 1972 by MIT President Jerome B. Wiesner to support the arts at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. With its enthusiastic advocacy for all the arts at MIT, the Council’s mission is to act as a catalyst for the development of a broadly based, highly participatory program in the arts, firmly founded on teaching, practice, and research at the Institute, and to conduct arts-related fundraising activities on behalf of MIT.

Through the generosity of CAMIT, our MIT team was provided with the funding and resources necessary to create “Neoperceptions”, a collection of entirely new LED-based, synesthesia-displaying technologies that will premiere during our “Synesthesia Suite” concerts at Boston’s Museum of Science on April 4th. We are so grateful to CAMIT for their kindness and support, and for making this new technology and concert series possible!

For more information on this wonderful organization, please visit their website right here!:


Thank you so much again to CAMIT, and looking forward to the premiere of “Neoperceptions” during “Synesthesia Suite” on April 4th! <3

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