New Virtual Concert: SubSpace Session with The Museum of Science, Boston on June 18th

(Photo by: Jonathan Beckley)

Greetings all and hope that you are safe and well!

Mary is honored to announce that she will be collaborating once more with the amazing Museum of Science, Boston for an incredible virtual music experience on Thursday June 18th, as part the SubSpace Sessions and #MOSathome.

The event will feature five of Mary’s compositions (performed previously by Mary and her wonderful friends from Planetary Quartet and East Coast Scoring Orchestra) paired with stunning music videos created by the Museum’s award-winning planetarium team. Much like previous live collaborations with the Museum, the imagery in each video will be directly inspired by Mary’s synesthesia, allowing the viewer to “see” the synesthetic colors Mary experiences when performing her music.

Best of all, this concert will be free and viewable anywhere in the world via the Museum’s website!

More details will follow soon, but in the meantime feel free to visit the following link for more info and to register for the event:

THANK YOU so much to the amazing Museum of Science team for inviting Mary to take part in this exciting collaboration, to the awesome Planetary Quartet and East Coast Scoring Orchestra, and to all who will join us virtually on June 18th — can’t wait to connect with you all soon! <3

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