SubSpace Session Virutal Synesthesia Premieres Tonight – and a Special Request <3

Here is a message from Mary!:

‘[UPDATE on 6/21/20: Although the premiere has passed, the show will be online permanently — you can watch it any time via the link below! <3 Thank you SO much to the Museum of Science Boston, #MOSathome, and the Lowell Institute for making this incredible virtual concert series possible, and for inviting me to collaborate with them! <3]

Greetings everyone! I wanted to post a message to let you know that my SubSpace Session virtual concert, in collaboration with the amazing Museum of Science Boston, airs this evening, Thursday June 18th at 7:30pm EST! This virtual concert is completely free, and will feature five of my compositions (performed previously by myself as well as my fantastic friends from Planetary Quartet and East Coast Scoring Orchestra) paired with stunning music videos created by the Museum’s award-winning planetarium team. As with our previous live collaborations, the imagery in each video will be directly inspired by my synesthesia, allowing you to “see” the synesthetic colors I experience when performing my music. Here is the link where you can watch the show, which will go live at 7:30PM EST!:

And here is the direct link to the YouTube page!:

I also wanted to write you with a special request: If you are planning on attending this virtual concert (or even if you can’t make it), it would mean so much to me if you would pledge to join me in taking at least one concrete action in support of Black Lives Matter and antiracism this week. If you want to help but are unsure of how, here is a WONDERFUL list of resources by the awesome Patricia Elzie that I am very grateful for which includes links for petitions, donations, antiracism reading lists and much much more — thank you Patricia for this fantastic list!:

Thank you to one and all, and sendings lots of love!

Mary <3

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