Daily Archives: October 9, 2020

New versions of “Finale” and “Love-Song” included on Christina Goh’s “Nectar!” album, released today

(Photo by: Christina Goh)

“Nectar!”, the new album by composer, vocalist, poet, and performer Christina Goh, is released today!

Originally conceived by Ms. Goh as a live concert that was canceled in May 2020 due to the pandemic, the new “Nectar!” album is a cast recording of the show’s international line-up; featuring performances by Christina Goh, Gotham Aymar, David Perraudin, Les Passeurs de Légendes, Catherine Capozzi, Maxime Perrin, Jacques Moury Beauchamp, Noah Preminger, and Mary Bichner.

Mary is honored that two new duet versions of her previous compositions, Finale (originally released on “Now the Spell is Broken”) and Love-Song (originally commissioned by The Friends of Mount Auburn for Mary’s two-year composer residency at Mount Auburn Cemetery) are included on the album. These never-before-released versions feature beautiful vocal and poetry performances by Ms. Goh on both tracks.

To purchase your copy of “Nectar!” please visit the official Christina Goh site for complete information:


Thank you so much to Ms. Goh for inviting Mary to take part in this incredible new album, and to everyone who joins us for “Nectar!” :)