New Music Video for “Finale (Nectar! Version)” by Christina Goh and Yannick Martin

Greetings everyone and hoping this message finds you safe and well! <3

The AWESOME composer, vocalist, poet, and performer Christina Goh has released a new music video for “Finale (Nectar! Version)”, the special duet version of Mary’s composition “Finale” that appears on Christina’s new album, Nectar!, which you can view above! The video was created by Christina Goh and Yannick Martin. Here are Christina’s words on the new video:

“With the video of “Finale”, we remain in the symbolic approach of “Nectar! (Ut Fortis Cast Recording) ”. The end is often the beginning of a new life adventure to seize. A bit like during an eclipse, mysterious, but always temporary, which allowed us to see the world differently. The disappearance of the star is only apparent…” – Christina Goh

For more information on this gorgeous new video, please visit this page on the official Christina Goh website:

And to purchase your copy of the full Nectar! album, here is the link with complete details!:

Thank you so much to Christina and Yannick for this wonderful video! <3 Wishing everyone a safe and happy holiday season and hope to get to see you all again soon! <3

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