Daily Archives: May 18, 2023

New Concerts: Performing as Part of the Mount Auburn Cemetery Composer-in-Residence Showcase September 23 & 24, 2023

(Photo by: Mount Auburn Cemetery)

Mary is honored to have been invited to perform during Mount Auburn Cemetery‘s Composer-in-Residence Showcase, which will highlight the musical division of the cemetery’s celebrated artist-in-residence program. The event, which will take place over two concerts during the cemetery’s anniversary weekend September 23-24, will feature both past and present composers-in-residence including current composer Eden Rayz, and 2022-2023 composer Ira Klein.

Mary served as Mount Auburn’s composer-in-residence from 2016-2017, and during her tenure created two suites of synesthesia-infused chamber works inspired by the cemetery’s colorful landscape and landmarks during the spring and autumn seasons. You can listens to the compositions right here, as well as read some articles which feature her residency in both BBC Classical Music Magazine (from the November 2021 issue) and National Georgraphic (from the Summer 2022 Special Edition, “The Brain”).

More info on the showcase concerts, including ticket info, will be coming shortly. Thank you so much to Mount Auburn for inviting Mary to perform, and looking forward to this wonderful concert series in September!