Featured in Art et Poésie de Touraine’s Autumn 2023 Issue

Mary was honored to have been invited to write a biographical sketch for the Autumn 2023 issue of Art et Poésie de Touraine‘s quarterly magazine, which is now in print. The article, which was written in English by Mary and translated into French by the magazine, discusses Mary’s synesthetic composition process, as well as her time in France for the second edition of the “Rencontres Poétiques” international concert series in October 2022.

You can read a scanned copy of the article (in French) by visiting the following link:


Founded in 1955, and publishing a quarterly magazine since 1958, Art et Poésie de Touraine has as its mission statement “to promote the arts – most especially poetry, painting and the visual arts – and poets and artists. The association also aims to encourage new creative vocations and to facilitate apprenticeships. Finally, it is a point of connection between poets and artists, particularly through the various meetings and events that it organizes.”

Thank you so much to Art et Poésie de Touraine President Nicole Lartigue for inviting Mary to pen this article, and to the kind translators at the magazine for creating the French-language version. Merci beaucoup!