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New Interview: “Behind the Music of Agents of the Realm”

(Artwork and video by: Mildred Louis)

In 2018, Mary was honored to compose the music for the Kickstarter campaign of her absolute FAVORITE graphic novel series, Agents of the Realm, by the amazing artist, illustrator, and author Mildred Louis (you can check out the music in the official Kickstarter video above!). And so, when Mildred asked Mary recently if she would like to be interviewed as part of the new Q&A series on Mildred’s Astrea’s Nexus website, Mary was beyond excited! <3 You can read the interview in full below, which includes how Mary first connected with music, setting a schedule for creativity, favorite snacks (honey-flavored graham crackers, of course!), and more!:

And be sure to visit the official Agents of the Realm website to learn more about this incredible graphic novel series and the adventures of Norah, Adele, Kendall, Paige, and Jordan!:

Thank you so much Mildred for inviting Mary to take part in this awesome interview series, and wishing everyone a very happy spring! <3

Synesthesia-Inspired Video for Christina Goh’s “Trouveur”

Above is the music video for the gorgeous song “Trouveur” by the fantastic composer, musician, and poet Christina Goh; performed by Christina Goh (vocals) and Adam Baïz (piano). Mary is honored that the beautiful music video for this piece, directed by the wonderful Yannick Martin, was partially inspired by the synesthesia-based visions Mary experiences when listening to the song — a field of pale purple flowers and green grass greeting an orange sunset, representing the key of B-minor.

For more information on Christina Goh and her amazing art and work (including her latest album, Blues Troubadour“) please visit her official website right here:

Thank you, Christina, for sharing your beautiful music with the world! <3

Music for “Agents of the Realm” Kickstarter Video

Greetings all! A brand new Kickstarter for “Agents of the Realm“, the EXTRA AWESOME magical girl graphic novel series by illustrator and author Mildred Louis, is now online! This campaign will fund the printing of the long-awaited “Agents of the Realm” Volume 2 softcover book, as well as a reprint of the now-sold out “Agents of the Realm” Volume I softcover. Mary, who is a diehard AotR fan, was VERY excited to get to compose the music for this Kickstarter’s pitch video, which you can watch at the link above!

For more information on this fantastic Kickstarter and its rewards, check out the official page right here:

And to learn more about “Agents of the Realm”, and the exquisite art of Mildred Louis, here are the links!:

Cheers all and wishing everyone a magical summer! <3