Interviewed for the November 2021 Issue of BBC Music Magazine

( Photo credit: page previews from the BBC Music website )

Mary is honored to have been interviewed for the November 2021 issue of BBC Music Magazine, as part of journalist Brian Wise’s new article about classical music in cemeteries. Entitled “A grave concern”, the article includes a passage detailing Mary’s two-year composer residency at the historic Mount Auburn Cemetery of Cambridge, MA, USA; as well as a photo of her performing with the wonderful Planetary Quartet during a Mount Auburn pop-up concert in the summer of 2016.

“A grave concern” features interviews with several other musical artists as well as cemetery specialists, including Mount Auburn Cemetery’s Director of Education and Visitor Services, Jessica Bussmann.

BBC Music Magazine can be found in-store at retailers such as Barnes and Noble, as well as via digital magazine subscription services such as Readly and Kindle Unlimited.

Thank you so much to Mr. Wise and BBC Music for including Mary in this fantastic article and issue!

Featured in new synesthesia article on TIDAL

Greetings all and wishing everyone good health and safety. 💕💕💕

Mary is honored to be featured in a new article on the TIDAL blog today entitled “Chords Become Colors: Inside Synesthesia”, alongside fellow musical synesthetes such as the amazing CHIKA, Andy Partridge, and Eric Slick. You can read the full article here:

Thank you so much to author Morgan Enos and TIDAL for including Mary in this wonderful piece!

Hugs to one and all, and hope to see you all again soon! 💕💕💕

New Interview: “Behind the Music of Agents of the Realm”

(Artwork and video by: Mildred Louis)

In 2018, Mary was honored to compose the music for the Kickstarter campaign of her absolute FAVORITE graphic novel series, Agents of the Realm, by the amazing artist, illustrator, and author Mildred Louis (you can check out the music in the official Kickstarter video above!). And so, when Mildred asked Mary recently if she would like to be interviewed as part of the new Q&A series on Mildred’s Astrea’s Nexus website, Mary was beyond excited! <3 You can read the interview in full below, which includes how Mary first connected with music, setting a schedule for creativity, favorite snacks (honey-flavored graham crackers, of course!), and more!:

And be sure to visit the official Agents of the Realm website to learn more about this incredible graphic novel series and the adventures of Norah, Adele, Kendall, Paige, and Jordan!:

Thank you so much Mildred for inviting Mary to take part in this awesome interview series, and wishing everyone a very happy spring! <3

Interview with Mass Cultural Council for ArtSake Blog

Mary is honored to have been interviewed by the Massachusetts Cultural Council for their ArtSake blog! In this post for MCC’s nano-interview series; Mary chats about synesthesia, upcoming musical projects, and her favorite (and least favorite!) seasons of the year. Check out the interview right here!:

Thank you so much to the MCC for this wonderful interview series!

(PS – The Sept 2 concert preview for Mary’s new opera, The Memoirs of Antonina, is almost here! Click here for full info as well as tickets!: )