“Oh, the OF It All!” Orchestral Recording Coming In Early 2023 + Travelouge Part II: Recording with the Budapest Scoring Orchestra in Budapest, Hungary

Exciting news! An audio recording of “Oh, the OF It All!“, the ten-minute orchestral ballet that Mary composed for John J King’s stunning libretto about American illustrator/author Edward Gorey (and his fondness for George Balanchine’s years at the New York City Ballet), will be available in early 2023. The piece was recorded late last month by the wonderful Budapest Scoring Orchestra at Rottenbiller Studio in Budapest, Hungary. Here’s a little video clip from the session!:

More info of on “Oh, the OF It All!” (including the orchestral score, the ballet libretto, and a MIDI rendering of the audio) can be found HERE, and an official release date for the recording will be announced in the coming weeks. THANK YOU so much to Balint, Peter, Viktor, Norbert, and the entire Budapest Scoring Orchestra and team for such a fantastic recording session experience!

While in Hungary for the session, Mary was also lucky to have some free time to explore the beautiful city of Budapest. Here are a few photos from her visit!:

Hősök tere (Hero’s Square)
Synesthetic Study: Városliget (City Park) in the Key of G Major (vibrant green, vibrant orange, pale green)
Halászbástya (Fisherman’s Bastion)
Inside the Hungarian State Opera House
Synesthetic Study: Palace District in the Key of C Minor (vibrant yellow, deep jewel-toned blue, grass green)
Cool and colorful wall art in Budapest
The Hungarian Parliament Building

Wishing everyone a wonderful end to your 2022, and looking forward to sharing the new recording for “Oh, the OF It All!” very soon!

Travelogue Part I: “Rencontres Poétiques” Concert October 20th and “Un Autre Angle” Lecture October 22nd in Tours, France

From October 16th-23rd 2022, Mary was honored to return to the city of Tours, France to perform in the second edition of her international poetry-inspired collaborative concert series with French composer Christina Goh, “Rencontres Poétiques”, at the Salle Jean de Ockeghem; as well as to speak during the “Un Autre Angle” lecture at the Biblioteque de Tours. Both events were presented by the City of Tours as part of France’s annual “Semaines d’information sur la santé mentale“.

Here are some photos from the week!:

*     *     *     *     *     *

A panorama of Tours from the top of the Biblioteque de Tours – thank you to Madame Gitton and Madame Abdillah of the Biblioteque for sharing this beautiful view!
Inside La Salle Jean de Ockeghem, a former 12th-century abbey turned concert venue, as it is being prepared for “Rencontres Poétiques”.
Mary and Christina with Pascal Brun, Salle de Jean Ockeghem’s wonderful audio and stage lights expert.
Members of the medieval troupe Passeurs de Légendes portray the Goddesses of Art at the beginning of “Rencontres Poétiques”, welcoming audience members to the concert.
Christina and Mary perform Christina’s composition, “Le Prix”.
Lyric soprano Betsabée Haas gorgeously sings the European premiere of “If I Could Live My Life Again”, the final aria in Mary’s forthcoming opera, The Memoirs of Antonina.
LEFT: Passeurs de Légendes actress Bénédicte Gaudon portrays the Goddess Ceridwen / RIGHT: Actress Justine Calais-Gillot recites the Walt Whitman poem, “Tears”.
The artists of “Rencontres Poétiques”: Touraine Edition.
Madame Amirault-Deiss of La Ville de Tours very kindly presenting Mary with a tote bag filled with Tours-themed memorabilia — THANK YOU so much to Madame Amirault-Deiss and all of her colleagues at La Ville de Tours for this very thoughtful gesture and warm welcome!
Christina Goh speaks during the “Un Autre Angle” conference at the Biblioteque de Tours, alongside Mary and international photographer Yann Layma.
Thank you so much to the amazing Christina Goh for this wonderful week of collaboration in Tours!

*     *     *     *     *     *

THANK YOU so very much to composer Christina Goh, La Ville de Tours, La Biblioteque de Tours, Les Semaines d’information sur la santé mentale, VIES 37, Nicole Lartigue, Betsabee Haas, Les Passeurs de Légendes, Justine Calais-Gillot, Yann Layma, Pascal Brun, and all of the wonderful people who made this incredible week of collaboration possible. And special thanks to everyone who joined us in the audience for “Rencontres Poétiques” and “Un Autre Angle”!

Merci beaucoup à tous, and hope to see you all again soon! <3

Tickets now available for “Rencontres Poétiques” Concert on October 20th; “Un Autre Angle” Lecture Announced for October 22nd [Tours, France]


Tickets and complete details are now available for the Tours, France edition of “Rencontres poétiques“; the collaborative poetry-inspired concert series of Mary Bichner and Christina Goh!


This second concert in the series will take place on Thursday, October 20th 2022 @ 19:15 CET (with a special pre-show multi-sensory experience beginning when doors open @ 18:30 CET) at Le Centre Musical Ockeghem (15 Pl. de Châteauneuf 37000 Tours, France), and will be hosted by the The City of Tours as part of “Semaines d’information sur la santé mentale“. Mary and Christina will perform their settings of famous poems in both French and English, including European premieres from both composers. The concert will also feature special guests baroque lyric soprano Betsabée Haas, medieval troupe Passeurs de Légendes, and poetic association Art et Poésie de Touraine.


Tickets for the event are free with advance reservation, and can be obtained via the following link:



And you can learn more about the concert from the official “Semaines d’information sur la santé mentale” right here:



Additionally, on October 22nd 2022 at 16:30 CET, Mary and Christina will participate with photographer Yann Layma in “Un Autre Angle”, a lecture taking place at the Bibliothèque Centrale de Tours. More information can be found here, on the library’s website:



Wishing everyone a wonderful autumn season, and looking forward to seeing you this October for “Rencontres poétiques“!


Guest Singer on Christina Goh’s “Double Trinome”, Released Today

( Photo by: Christina Goh )

“Double Trinome”, the new EP by French composer, singer, and poet Christina Goh, is released today! The EP features special trio versions of two of Christina’s compositions, “C’est un jeu” (with musical guests G.K. Noland and Catherine Capozzi) and “Ut Fortis” (with musical guests Mary Bichner & David Perraudin). The EP is free and can be downloaded via the Christina Goh website right here:

And here is the press release, translated from French to English:

“Vocalists Christina Goh, Mary Bichner, GK Noland and guitarists David Perraudin and Catherine Capozzi cover two tracks from the Ut Fortis show. Double trinomial because in this opus, guitars and vocals express their emotions in the same way.

“To say thank you to all those who have followed over two years the realization of the international and solidarity show bringing together artists from totally different universes.

“Your choice: High resolution download directly and exclusively via the Ut Fortis site but also future listening on your favorite platforms.”

Mary recorded her vocals while visiting Tours, France in June 2021 for the “Ut Fortis” live concert.

THANK YOU so much to the wonderful Christina Goh for inviting Mary to collaborate on this beautiful EP, and we hope you all enjoy “Double Trinome”!

Christina Goh’s “Ut Fortis” Project in French Newspaper La Nouvelle République; Concert Rebroadcast by TV Tours Val de Loire on July 11th

On June 23rd 2021, the French newspaper La Nouvelle République published a write-up on Christina Goh’s powerful and meaningful live concert centered on the topic of suicide prevention, the “Ut Fortis” project. Mary is honored to be mentioned in the article, which discusses “Ut Fortis” as well as Christina’s and Mary’s music work together.

Here a link to the original article in French:

And here is an English translation of the article:

“On June 9, the VIES 37 network (Living and intervening together in the face of suicide) organized a masterclass at the Institut de Touraine with Mary Bichner, guest composer of the Ut Fortis artistic project. Originally from Boston, she is the author of the Synesthesia Suite, with the Boston Museum of Sciences, and the composer of the opera The Memoirs of Antonina on Queen Marie Antoinette. In this context, a series of poetry workshops were conducted by the poet Christina Goh, initiator of Ut Fortis, with the students of the Institute. This is the first time that they have been together on stage in France, brought together by this solidarity project for suicide prevention. Colors are everywhere in the creations of Mary Bichner, synaesthete, synaesthesia being that particularity that allows some people to “see” music, to associate letters or tastes with colors. The final show will be broadcast in July, and from September, made available free of charge and on request to structures that so wish. —

As mentioned in the write-up, a televised re-broadcast of the concert will air on TV Tours Val de Loire on Sunday, July 11th at 2:45PM Eastern Time [ET] / 8:45PM Central European Summer Time [CEST]; featuring performances by Christina Goh, Catherine Capozzi, Gotham Aymar, G.K, Les Passeurs de Legendes, Maxime Perrin, Noah Preminger, Jacques Moury Beauchamp, and Mary Bichner. You’ll be able to stream the broadcast on July 11th @ 2:45PM ET / 8:45PM CEST via TVTours website right here:

Thank you so much to La Nouvelle République for this article, and for spreading the word about “Ut Fortis”! And thank you so much to TV Tours Val de Loire for bringing “Ut Fortis” to the airwaves — we hope you will join us for the broadcast!

Travelogue: Ut Fortis Concert June 11, Institut de Touraine Masterclass June 9, and Studio Concept Prod Recording Session June 8 in Tours, France

(“Ut Fortis” Concert Finale / Photo by: Sabine Soury-Poussard)

From June 5th-13th 2021, Mary was honored to visit the city of Tours, France to perform in composer Christina Goh’s Ut Fortis concert; a multi-media, multi-artist event centered on the important topic of suicide prevention. While in Tours, Mary was also honored to give a presentation of her work at the Institut de Touraine as part of their masterclass series, as well as record vocals for the Christina Goh song “Ut Fortis” at David Perraudin’s Studio Concept Prod. Here are some photos from the week:

* * * * * * *


(Christina Goh records the French-language verse of her composition, “Ut Fortis”)

(Mary records the English-language verse of the Christina Goh composition, “Ut Fortis”)

(A post-recording session selfie with Julien Legado, Gotham Aymar, David Perraudin, and Christina Goh!)


(Top photo: Mary meets with the Institut’s president, Thierry Peltreau / Middle photo: Masterclass at the Institut de Touraine / Bottom photo: A post-event party with new friends at the Institut!)


(Photo by: Sabine Soury-Poussard)

(Photo by: Sabine Soury-Poussard)

(Photo by: Sabine Soury-Poussard)

(Photo by: Sabine Soury-Poussard)

(Photo by: Sabine Soury-Poussard)

(Photo by: Sabine Soury-Poussard)

For even more photos from the “Ut Fortis” concert by the wonderful Sabine Soury-Poussard, please visit the official page right here!

* * * * * * *

THANK YOU so much to Christina Goh, VIES 37, the Institut de Touraine, the Université de Tours, Thierry Peltreau, Gotham Aymar, G.K, Catherine Capozzi, everyone in the amazing group Les Passeurs de Legendes, Maxime Perrin, Noah Preminger, Jacques Moury Beauchamp, filmmaker Baptiste Auffray and his team, lighting designer Eric Lachery and his team, the Université de Tours audio team, David Perraudin, Julien Legado, IoT translators Ruby and Chandra, all of the IoT staff and students, and everyone who joined us for the week’s events! It was a joy and an honor to share this time with you!

Merci beaucoup! <3