Duet: Montmédy (from the opera “The Memoirs of Antonina”)

Duet from Mary’s new Marie Antoinette-inspired opera, The Memoirs of Antonina. “Montmédy” is meant to be preceded in performance by the recitative “Plotting”, which can be obtained HERE.

VOCAL RANGE: B3-G5 [Marie Antoinette (Lyric Soprano or Lyric Mezzo Sorprano)], C3-A4 [Louis XVI [Tenor])

The Memoirs of Antonina is a new/in-progress three-act opera by composer/librettist Mary Bichner, inspired by Marie Antoinette of France. Taking its name from a slanderous 18th-century tract about the queen’s rumored exploits and indiscretions, “The Memoirs of Antonina” focuses on the final years of Marie Antoinette’s life, and pits two versions of the queen (performed by two different singers) against one another: the imagined breezy libertine derided by revolutionary pamphleteers, and the distraught historical figure determined to reclaim her kingdom and her reputation. For more information, please visit the Memoirs of Antonina homepage HERE.

Immediately following the recitative entitled “Plotting”, the aria “Montmédy” begins with Marie Antoinette sharing a detailed map of the proposed escape route with her husband, Louis XVI. The king takes some convincing, but eventually shares a tender moment with his wife and agrees to move forward with the plan. During the second half of the aria, the royal couple quietly confirm the place names of their escape route with one another, while trying to inconspicuously go about their normal daily routine (walking in the gardens, going to the opera, eating at the royal table, and finally being put to bed) without arousing the suspicion of the revolutionary guards which surround them.

(Illustrated logo by Chess Albaneze)


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