Garden Gossip

Musical setting of the Frances Sargent Osgood poem “Garden Gossip” for two soprano OR mezzo-soprano vocalists (“Lily”, “Honey-Bee”), alto vocalist (“Violet”), flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon, and string orchestra. Inspired by Mount Auburn Cemetery‘s Consecration Dell. Originally commissioned by the Friends of Mount Auburn as part of Mary’s two-year composer residency at Mount Auburn Cemetery.

VOCAL RANGE: C#4-D5 [Lily (Soprano OR Mezzo-Soprano)], C#4-D5 [Honey-Bee (Soprano OR Mezzo-Soprano)], G3-B4 [Violet (Alto)]

The piece was composed in the key of D major (pale seafoam green, pale purple, pinkish red), to match the colors of the plants and flowers that appear in Consecration Dell during the spring months.

( Album cover art by: Bree Harvey of Mount Auburn Cemetery )