Love-Song (Vocal and Double-Viola String Quartet Version)

Musical setting of the James Russell Lowell poem “Love-Song” for alto vocalist and double-viola string quartet by Mary Bichner. Originally commissioned by the Friends of Mount Auburn as part of Mary’s two-year composer residency at Mount Auburn Cemetery. (For the mezzo and alto vocal duo version, please click HERE.)

( Please note: This arrangement is for double-viola string quartet [violin, viola I, viola II, cello], not standard string quartet [violin I, violin II, viola, cello]. If you would like obtain a standard string quartet arrangement for this piece, please email Mary. )

The key of B minor (pale orange, pale purple, pale green) was selected to match the colors of the flowers that bloom near Lowell’s gravesite in the spring.


( Album cover art by: Bree Harvey of Mount Auburn Cemetery )


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