Lyra (Vocal, Piano, and String Quartet Version)

“Lyra” is a pop song for alto, piano, and double-viola string quartet about recognizing someone in your present as being a soulmate from a past life, but living with the pain of THEM not recognizing YOU. The chords used in the song are meant to synesthetically match the colors of the stars found in the Lyra constellation, as well as the Ring Nebula, via Mary’s personal synesthesia color palette.

“Lyra” was composed as part of Mary’s ongoing collaboration with the incredible Museum of Science, Boston as part of their Synesthesia Suite: Live concert series, and was premiered at the Charles Hayden Planetarium on November 30th 2017.

(For a vocal-and-piano-only version of this piece, please click here. PLEASE NOTE: The piano and vocal parts in the vocal, piano, and string quartet version DIFFER from the vocal-and-piano-only version.)

VOCAL RANGE: G3-Bb4 [Alto]

( Album cover art by: Kristilyn Ink )


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