Selected Press

2023 Issue)
Portrait d’une compositrice d’orchestre synesthèteArt et Poésie de Touraine [France][ Biographical article penned by Mary at the invitation of Art et Poésie Touraine for their Autumn 2023 issue, describing her synesthetic composition process and travels in France. Written in English by Mary and translated into French by Art et Poésie de Touraine. ]
07/28/2023Artist Update: Mary BichnerMount Auburn Cemetery Artist
in Residence Program
[ Video and blog interview about Mary’s 2016-2017 Mount Auburn Cemetery composer residency. ]
2023 Issue)
Come for the Music, Stay for Eternity
[article about classical music in cemeteries]
Strings Magazine[ A photo from Mary’s 2017 Mount Auburn Cemetery Spring Suite concert premiere is included in the Strings Magazine article “Come for the Music, Stay for Eternity”. ]
(Summer 2022
Special Issue,
“The Brain”)
The Language
of Synesthesia
National Geographic“When Mary Bichner composes music, she’s transcribing the auditory language of the colors around her, something most people’s brains can’t do. […] From 2016 to 2017, she was the composer-in-residence at [Mount Auburn Cemetery]…the environment was ideal for a brain delighted by color.”
04/01/2022The April Drop: From Spinning Wax to Waxing PoeticWGBH “[V]ibe out at the Museum of Science for a Parnassian program featuring composers Mary Bichner and Christina Goh as they present musical settings of poems by esteemed lyrical laureates, including Yves Bonnefoy, Emily Dickinson and Phillis Wheatley.”
(Nov 2021 Issue)
A grave concern [article about classical music in cemeteries]BBC Music Magazine
“Mount Auburn has run an artist-in-residence programme since 2014, billed as the first of its kind at
an American cemetery. Mary Bichner, a Boston composer, took its second residency in 2016-17. […]
In two chamber suites, Bichner captured impressions of flower gardens and dells, autumn foliage and stained-glass windows.”
06/23/2021Musique en couleur pour prévenir le suicideLa Nouvelle République
“Le 9 juin [2021], le réseau VIES 37 (Vivre et intervenir ensemble face au suicide) a organisé à l’Institut de Touraine une masterclass avec Mary Bichner, compositrice invitée du projet artistique Ut Fortis. […] Dans ce cadre, une série d’ateliers poétiques ont été menés par la poétesse Christina Goh, initiatrice de Ut Fortis, avec les étudiants de l’Institut. C’est la première fois qu’elles étaient ensemble sur scène en France, réunies par ce projet solidaire de la prévention du suicide.”
04/09/2020Chords Become Colors: Inside SynesthesiaTIDAL“‘When I play piano, the individual keys light up in their respective colors,’ [says Bichner]. Ditto for letters and numbers: ‘A typical phrase looks like this’, she demonstrates, typing those words using a kaleidoscopic array of letters.”
03/31/2019Beer Nut: WGBH, Aeronaut Brewing Continuing Pindrop SessionsMassLive“… Aeronaut Brewery will close the second season of the Pindrop Sessions with ‘The Senses of Summer’, which was written by Boston-based composer Mary Bichner. ‘The Senses of Summer’ draws upon Bichner’s unique experience of sound-to-color synesthesia, — meaning she ‘sees’ splashes of specific colors when she hears certain pitches.”
08/22/2018Mary Bichner: Seeing MusicArtSake Blog @ Massachusetts Cultural Council[ Interview with the Massachusetts Cultural Council’s ArtSake Blog. ]