(Above: The breathtaking mountains surrounding Taos, NM.)

From September through December 2018, I was lucky enough to reside at the prestigious Helene Wurlitzer Foundation of Taos, New Mexico, USA; where I served as composer-in-residence. Established in 1954, the Helene Wurlizter Foundation "manages one of the oldest artist residency programs in the USA. The Foundation’s mission is to 'Support the artist and the creative process' and serves as a haven for visual artists, literary artists and music composers."

During my stay at the Helene Wurlitzer Foundation, I was very grateful to have the time and space to work in the first draft of my opera, "The Memoirs of Antonina" (more info on this opera can be found HERE.)

Here are some photos and memories from my time in Taos!:

A sign welcoming visitors to Taos, New Mexico, USA.

The inside of my beautiful casita (which included a grand piano!), where I spent my residency.

A cool mobile coffee shop.

On one of my first nights in Taos, I attended an outdoor festival where poet Marshall James Kavanaugh was creating customized poems for sale on the spot, complete with hand-drawn visuals. He asked for some keywords and I gave him "music", "rainbow" and "synesthesia"; and received this lovely illustrated poem as a result!

Googly eyes on a tree in town.

A photo from my ever-colorful work desk, complete with personalized notebook by Dan Pecci.

Synesthetic Study: Flowers in the key of F major - vibrant purple, pinkish-red, and vibrant yellow.

Going on a hike with Boston-based composer extraordinaire Singer Mali, who came for visit! <3

Halloween decorations in downtown Taos.

An old-fashioned soda fountain located in the center of town.

A very dramatic shadow selfie.

Charming and intricate birdhouses line the outdoor area of the Mabel Dodge Luhan House.

Purple flowers blooming the midst of autumn leaves - magical!

A fellow HWF artist very kindly let me visit her painting studio one afternoon, where I asked to take a picture of her beautiful paint palette (complete with the synesthetic colors of the key B-flat minor: vibrant orange, pale yellow, and vibrant purple).

Headed home!

Many thanks to the Helene Wurlitzer Foundation for their support and for allowing me to take part in this amazing residency!

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