(Above: a section of Marble House Project's lovely artist residency campus.)

In May 2016, I was invited to serve a composer-in-residence at the wonderful Marble House Project of Dorset, VT, USA. As described on the residency's website, "Marble House Project is a multi-disciplinary artist residency program that fosters collaboration & the exchange of ideas by providing an environment for artists across disciplines to live and work side by side."

During my time at Marble House, I worked on four pop-meets-classical compositions inspired by the New England night sky during spring, which eventually became "Synesthesia Suite: Constellations". This star-themed suite was premiered in partnership with Boston's Museum of Science via its gorgeous Charles Hayden Planetarium in November of 2017, complete with synesthesia-influenced dome videos created by the Museum's award winning artistic team (more info HERE).

Here are some photos from the residency!:

The stately grounds of Marble House Project, which face the Taconic Moutains.

The inside of my composer's cabin. I loved the bright sunny windows, and that wonderful piano! 

Completing a synesthetic score study of Jean Sibelius' Danse Macabre, just for fun.

A sign on the roadside announcing my composer-in-residence concert, as part of Marble House Project's ART-Seed series.

Most evenings I would ascend this little hill with my telescope to gaze upon the star-filled sky, and make notes for my compositions.  This photo was taken during one of my very first afternoons at Marble House, as part of a telescope trial run.

Close-up on the two trees in the left corner of the photo above, who I considered my pals by the end of residency - I got the distinct impression that they were two humans who had once been love, and came back to Earth as trees so that they could spend the rest of eternity embracing. I think my antics amused them! 

The sky map I drew while observing the heavens. (This sheet was drawn by partial moonlight, so please forgive my penmanship!)

The Scorpius constellation (plus Saturn and [if I recall correctly] Mars), as viewed through my mobile stargazing app.

Signing my name to the autograph stone in the composer's cabin before heading home!

Thank you so much for Marble House Project for inviting me to take part in this beautiful residency!

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