TRAVELOGUE: “Rencontres Poétiques II” Concert and “Un Autre Angle” Lecture in Tours, France (October 2022)

(Above: The cast of the second edition of "Rencontres Poétiques" in Tours, France.)

From October 16th-23rd 2022, I was thrilled to return to the city of Tours, France to perform in the second edition of my international poetry-inspired collaborative concert series with French composer Christina Goh, “Rencontres Poétiques”, at the Salle Jean de Ockeghem; as well as to speak during the “Un Autre Angle” lecture at the Biblioteque de Tours. Both events were presented by the City of Tours as part of France’s annual “Semaines d’information sur la santé mentale“.

Here are some photos from the week!:

A panorama of the city of Tours, from the top of the Biblioteque de Tours. [10/18/22]

Inside La Salle Jean de Ockeghem, a former 12th-century abbey turned concert venue, as it is being prepared for “Rencontres Poétiques”. [10/19/22]

Christina and I with Pascal Brun, Salle de Jean Ockeghem’s wonderful audio and stage lights expert. [10/20/22]

Members of the medieval troupe Passeurs de Légendes portray the Goddesses of Art at the beginning of “Rencontres Poétiques”, welcoming audience members to the concert. [10/20/22]

Christina and I perform Christina's composition, "Le Prix". [10/20/22].

Lyric soprano Betsabée Haas gorgeously sings the European premiere of “If I Could Live My Life Again”, the final aria in my forthcoming opera, The Memoirs of Antonina. [10/20/22]

LEFT: Passeurs de Légendes actress Bénédicte Gaudon portrays the Goddess Ceridwen / RIGHT: Actress Justine Calais-Gillot recites the Walt Whitman poem, “Tears”. [10/20/22]

The artists of “Rencontres Poétiques” Concert II. [10/20/22]

(Madame Amirault-Deiss of La Ville de Tours very kindly presenting me with a tote bag filled with Tours-themed memorabilia. Thank you so much to everyone at La Ville de Tours for this very thoughtful gesture and warm welcome! [10/21/22]

Christina Goh speaks during the “Un Autre Angle” conference at the Biblioteque de Tours. [10/22/22]

Two very happy composers at the end of week! [10/20/22]

Thank you so much to composer Christina Goh, La Ville de Tours, La Biblioteque de Tours, Les Semaines d’information sur la santé mentale, VIES 37, Art et Poesie Touraine, all of the performers, speakers, and tech crew; and everyone who made this incredible week of collaboration possible. And special thanks to everyone who joined us in the audience for “Rencontres Poétiques” and “Un Autre Angle”! Merci beaucoup à tous, and hope to see you all again soon! <3

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