Travelogue: Recording with the Budapest Scoring Orchestra in Budapest, Hungary (October 2022)

(Above: The amazing Budapest Scoring Orchestra, recording "Oh, the OF It All!".)

In October of 2022, after a wonderful concert in Tours, France with Christina Goh; I traveled to Budapest, Hungary to record “Oh, the OF It All!”, my nine-minute ballet based on a libretto by the John J King, with the Budapest Scoring Orchestra in Rottenbiller Studio. (You can learn more about this piece, and watch a video of the Budapest Scoring Orchestra’s full performance of the work, right HERE.)

While in Hungary for the session, I was also lucky to have some free time to explore the beautiful city of Budapest. Here are a few photos and videos from my visit!:

Hősök tere / Hero’s Square. [10/24/22]

Synesthetic Study: Városliget / City Park in the Key of G Major - vibrant green, vibrant orange, and pale green. [10/24/22]

Inside the Hungarian State Opera House. [10/24/22]

Synesthetic Study: Palace District in the Key of C Minor - vibrant yellow, deep jewel-toned blue, and grass green. [10/24/22]

Cool and colorful wall art in Budapest. [10/24/22]

The Hungarian Parliament Building. [10/24/22]

A short clip of my composition “Oh, the OF It All!” from the recording session with the Budapest Scoring Orchestra at Rottenbiller Studio on October 25th 2022. The orchestra was incredible, and I had such great experience working with them! [For the full piece, you can visit the “Oh, the OF It All!” project page right HERE.] [10/25/22]

Halászbástya / Fisherman’s Bastion. [10/25/22]

Thank you so much to the wonderful Budapest Scoring Orchestra for this fantastic recording experience! And what a joy to visit Budapest!

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